Our Teachers


I support women who want to start doing yoga to help them manage their life, find more happiness, and start creating the life they really want. Yoga can help you be more present and enjoy life on a much deeper level. Expect super fun classes where we focus on raising our vibe! Crystal also leads online and in-person yoga teacher trainings and supports new yoga teachers in finding students, finding their unique voice, and building a sustainable business. 


I support women in their 40s and beyond who are so f*cking tired of making themselves small in order to make others more comfortable so that they can FINALLY step into the badass women that they have always wanted to be but they have hidden from the world.  I offer safe, accessible yet fun and kick ass ( I will challenge you!) yoga classes to guide you to uncovering the real you.


I support women who feel like they have lost their identity by stumbling into a fake life, unaware that they have taken on someone else’s version of them and conditioned to be the perfect facade, so that they can stop feeling like an empty shell of a woman and instead cultivate the strength to find their inner guidance and take charge of their life.

Guest Teachers


I support athletic women in their 40’s struggling with negative self talk to shift their focus to what they are capable of so that they can continue to feel strong and powerful.


I am here to lift up and support women that feel the world and their life is passing them by, like they don’t fit…anywhere.  Women that fill their days with stuff to avoid the silence.  I support women that sometime or all times, hate themselves.  I will help you bring the sun back out, I will give you something tangible to sink your teeth into and quench a thirst you didn’t know you had.


I support young moms who are feeling inadequate and like they’re living the same day over and over so that they can be the best version of themselves for themselves and their families.