Ready to find your Inner Bad*ss?

Your Inner Badass is the part of you that wants you to show up FULLY, to get the most out of life - not just get through the day. We all are extremely aware now just how fragile life can be and we are ready to stop wasting time and LIVE.

It's time to reignite our passion for LIFE!

Caring about what others think, putting other people’s needs in front of your own, eating crappy food, generally treating your body like sh*t, focusing on the negatives, worrying, etc. - keeps you out of alignment with your Inner Badass.

Yes! I'm Ready to Find My Inner Badass!

This program will help you uncover your inner bad*ss by teaching you skills such as:

Step into a more confident, grounded, and healthy version of yourself.

Get free, instant access.

I Am SO Ready!

What's Included

✔️ 7 Daily Videos

Daily yoga and other practices to support you in the process.

✔️ Complete Guide to help you become an empowered bad*ss

  • Crystal recommendations

  • Essential oil recommendations

  • Daily practices

  • Guide to setting energetic boundaries 

  • Healthy eating tips

  • Recipes

✔️ Seven Day Roadmap

Get suggestions for each day of the program to keep you on track.

With more than yoga and meditation, we’ll supply other life hacks to help you feel your best!

7 Daily Videos

Classes specifically designed to support empaths to become balanced, grounded, and empowered.

Hi! I'm Crystal!

When I first started doing yoga, a whole new world opened up to me. I realized, in a very short time, that all the answers were within me! 

This was definitely an empowering thought because we're trained, from a very young age, to look outside ourselves for answers. To make sure we're pleasing everyone else before ourselves.

Unfortunately, this leads to us forgetting who we truly are and what we really want for OURSELVES out of life.

While it's amazing to show up for those we love, if we don't do what fills our cup and lights us up, we become burned out, drained, and completely overwhelmed.

And, worst of all, we lose sight of our goals, dreams, and sense of purpose.

By uncovering your inner bad*ss, you light the way for others to do the same - a true lightworker!

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All empaths should be able to gain control over their lives and step into who they truly are!

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This free program is for you if you struggle with:

  • Setting boundaries 

  • Feeling burned out

  • Constantly feeling like you need to help others

  • Always putting others first

  • Feeling overwhelmed and wanting to just “check out” or numb yourself from all the feelings

  • Not letting energy be drained by others

  • Protecting yourself from other people’s energy

  • “Feeling” too much

And you want to:

  • Feel in control of your life

  • Focus on yourself and your goals

  • Gain clarity on who you REALLY are

  • Feel balanced and grounded 

  • Feel like you have clear direction

  • Feel healthy and strong

  • Feel confident

  • Feel in control of your emotions

This free program can help you get there.

You should have the opportunity to step into who you are meant to be.

I Am SO Ready!