Gain the skills & knowledge you need to become a confident yoga teacher.

​​Access a full library of training videos and pdfs that fill in the gaps from your previous trainings so you can finally start realizing your dreams!

+Gain 50 hours of CEU's upon successful completion!

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This Course Is For You If You...

  • Don't feel comfortable in your own skin as a teacher

  • Haven't quite found your own voice

  • Feel you're lacking some fundamental skills

  • Need to deepen your own practice

  • Want to feel confident in front of students

  • Really want to help your students

  • Are worried about keeping your students safe

  • Want to create impactful, inspiring classes

  • Are ready to take your teaching and business to the next level

After successful completion of this course, you will receive 50 hours of CEU's to submit to the Yoga Alliance.

From the Yoga Alliance website: "At the onset of COVID-19 and its subsequent need for social distancing, Yoga Alliance established an online teaching exemption allowing online workshops, whether pre-recorded or live, to count toward contact hours for a limited timeframe. This timeline has since been extended through December 31, 2023."

*The Yoga Alliance requires you to complete 30 hours of training every 3 years to remain in good standing.

What's Included

Learn all you need to step more fully into the teacher you are meant to be!

Teaching Methodology

Doing yoga and teaching yoga effectively are two very different things. Learn ways to teach that will resonate with your students and meet them where they're at in their journey.


​​Gain knowledge on the ancient texts and the 8 limbs and how to incorporate them into your own practice.

Yoga Myth

​​Follow a daily yoga calendar with thousands of other yogis.

Energetic Anatomy

​​Gain a deeper understanding of chakras, mudras, gunas, koshas, and more!


<p>Meditation </p>


Understand the basics of meditation and how to easily implement it into your classes.



Learn the foundational breathing techniques that will help your students receive the numerous benefits of this yogic practice in an easy-to-understand way.

<p>30+ Alignment &amp; Cueing Videos</p>

30+ Alignment & Cueing Videos

Learn the fundamental, and often glazed-over, alignment foundations so you can practice and teach safely.

<p>Pronunciation of Poses in Sanskrit </p>

Pronunciation of Poses in Sanskrit

Listen to audio recordings of the proper Sanskrit pronunciation of the foundational poses so you can start practicing and using right away!

<p>Complete 4 Week Beginner Series</p>

Complete 4 Week Beginner Series

Take my own 4 week beginner series and learn a simple way to make $100/class.

<p>Business of Yoga</p>

Business of Yoga

Learn how to start building your yoga business.

<p>Sequencing &amp; Class Planning </p>

Sequencing & Class Planning

Get an entire stand-alone course on developing intelligent sequences that will ensure your students get a well-rounded, safe, and effective class.

<p>Sequencing Library</p>

Sequencing Library

Get access to ready-to-use sequences that you can use for creative, safe classes.

<p>30 Days of Yoga Sutra Practice Videos</p>

30 Days of Yoga Sutra Practice Videos

30 daily videos to help you embody these important teachings.

​​Explore The Content

Most sections have corresponding PDF's to help you solidify what you're learning in the videos and practices.

​​Stream Anytime, Anywhere

​​Stream on iOS and Android devices and cast to your TV for a fuller experience!

Pricing & Upgrade Options

Both plans receive access to all of the online course content.

price option <p>Foundational Plan</p>

Foundational Plan


This option will give you unlimited access to all of the online course content and anything we add in the future.

price option <p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);" >Accelerator Program </span></p>

Accelerator Program


This option will give you full access to the online course as well as 2 one-on-one coaching calls to help you further reach your goals.

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